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Tasnim Hindeyeh

About me

Tasnim is a filmmaker and video editor of Palestinian and Mexican-American heritage, based in Chicago. With a passion for pushing boundaries and creating meaningful work, she is committed to amplifying the voices of women of color in the film industry.

Drawing on her diverse background and experiences working between Dubai and Jordan, Tasnim has worked as a script supervisor for independent feature films, produced photoshoots and branded content for Nissan, Nestle, McDonald’s,  and the Jordan Tourism Board, to name a few.

Her critically acclaimed short film, Valeria, highlights the stories of three generations of Hispanic women who are survivors of sexual abuse and has been showcased at numerous festivals across the United States, including in locations such as Santiago-Chile, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Illinois.

When Tasnim is not working, she likes to spend her time writing and developing her film projects.


Valeria, a Short Film

Valeria captures the strength of three generations of Hispanic women who happen to be survivors of sexual abuse. This is a story that brings hope into the world through a journey of healing...

Filmed in Arizona and directed by Tasnim Hindeyeh

Dear Abuelita (Experminal Short Film)

Mezcla GoFundMe Campgain

Experimental Ad

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